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April 26, 2004


Cop Car

Susan Stamberg and whoever her co-host was on All Things Considered (Bob Edwards?) did the experiment on the air--at least 15 years ago. The difference was that they supposedly went into a dark closet to bite down on a candy. I knew that they wouldn't lie to us, so it never occurred to me to question that a spark resulted. They gave some scientist's explanation, I believe, but I don't recall what it was.

Lizzie and Paulina

No, it doesn't work.


This is so flippin sweet. I don't know what this comment is about.

Booby Jr.

I think it does work. My date bout 12 boxes so I will try it and let you know.


wintergreen mints do spark when you chew them but the conditions have to be right here is a good scenerio:

go in a room with a mirror close the door and turn off alol sources of light. as you watch yourself in the mirror, put a mint in your mouth. bite down hard with your molars and watch the sparks fly!!

the sparks are caused by what is called triboluminescence (pronounced try-bow-loom-in-ess-ence), luminescence refers to light, and tribo is from a greek word which means rubbing, the light appears without ignition due to friction from your teeth and methyl salicylate which is an oil found in wintergreen flavoring.



I tried this for a science experiment and it really works!!! i chewed up one lifesaver in a dark dark room and it sparked!!!!

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