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April 30, 2004


Cop Car

Thanks, Bogie. We'll miss you and WS! It may be that we (HH, WD, DD) will have a lot of cake to eat. I've had 20-30 people stop by my office to say that they won't be able to make the party due to their being on travel/long weekend with family/etcetera. I received a phone call yesterday (he left voice mail) from one of my buds who had retired for a sister company about one year ago. (He's been sending me "count down" e-mails, too.) He lives near STL so we may see him one of these days while in STL. Also got a really nice e-mail from an engineer who worked for me--until she left to work on the east coast (she's the one who goes to Hawaii to support our submarine fleet!) Lots of personal visits/e-mails/phone calls.

Cop Car

P.S. We are having the party today because HH had Red Cross training in St Joe MO Wednesday and Thursday. He needed to complete the particular course, this year (to please national HQ) because the local chapter had insisted that he be promoted (a few months ago) without having taken the one course (which is supposed to be a requirement). Obviously, his schedule took precedence over those of my co-workers (many of whom work the 9/80 schedule that the company with whom you last interviewed work).


Ah, we all know that requirements are, counterintuitively, just suggestions.

If there is cake left over you can just bring it with you when youbring up the irises - LOL.

Parkway Rest Stop

Belated Happy Retirement to you. I am quite certain that, based on other things I have seen you write, that you will not retire to the recliner to watch Soaps all day.

E N J O Y !!!!!!!!!

Cop Car

Thanks, Jim. I appreciate the good thoughts. Bogie, the party was overwhelming. The lines were so long that the people were still coming 1 1/2 hours after the "end" of the party--then, they started coming by my office. Fortunately, since HH had to go from the party to the Red Cross office, WD & Sis took all the wonderful gifts and flowers to our house and dispersed them appropriately. I had little that I needed to haul home with me when I left. I was so overwhelmed by the party that my brain wasn't in gear. I've no idea what the writing on my cake said and I forgot to take the family by my office to see the plush digs that I was leaving (they refurbed our offices a couple of years ago, you may recall.)


That's why the photographers were there - so you can find out what the cake said and what actually happened!

Cop Car

BTW: The photo shop will make an album of photos for me. That's one of the nice perks of retiring. (Of course, I expect to think, "Ooh! I don't look THAT bad, do I?" But, of course, I do. WD, Sis, and HH all looked their usual good-looking selves. I'll bring the book when we come up, if I remember to do so.

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