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April 28, 2004



...I refuse to jinx this so...
...what's the weather like over there?...we've had a couple of really glorious days followed by thunderstorms...I have a couple of buds on my grape vine - hey I bet you didn't know I have a grape vine :^)...
(good luck - but I didn't say it out loud)


i hope u got it


Am thinking good, positive thoughts for you!!

Wichi Dude

Wow! Billy has a grape vine. I bet it gives good luck.
Jinx the cat not here.


Hi, Bogie...Haven't been around for a month or so, but wondered if you had gotten a new job yet or not----good luck on this one!
(I'm still looking. Things are not good out there.) I hope things work out for you!

Cop Car

Being 2nd is definitely better than being 1st in order of the 4 interviews (especially if the final 2 candidates aren't that impressive.) Good fortune, Sweetie!
We rarely have control over the place we hold in the order of interviews. The later in the order, the better (all else being equal). Something about the mind getting numb and only remembering the last impressive person. The last interview that I had, I was 2nd of 8, so I knew that I was doomed before I left the interview (I knew some of the other applicants--impressive people). As it happened, none of the 8 got the position due to downsizing within the organization.


Good luck, Bogie! I hope you will once again be among the gainfully employed and stop suckin' off the gummint teat! (Sorry, I got a little carried away.....)


Becky - glad to see your back!

Billy - thanks for not saying it out loud - an no I didn't know about your grapevine. You must be very proud.

Sis, Cop Car and DCE - thanks for the luck being sent my way!

Jim - Parkway Rest Stop

Good luck, Bogie!

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