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April 29, 2004



...are you running a sweepstake?...can I bet on wimbledon? they've won nothing all season at footy so they might want to try a different sport :^)...

Cop Car

Bogie, I had begun to believe that you were going to let the Run for the Roses pass without comment this year. I feared that you were slipping! Not to fear. You came through. Thanks!


I am slipping as I haven't set the VCR to record the race yet. And, I really don't know much about the horses that are running.

Billy - no sweapstakes here. You might try going to your local bookie - I'll bet he would be happy to take your money!


...now I know why I don't bet - it appears that wimbledon never even made it to the start line :^)...


Poor Billy, he had vision of getting rich quick - and those visions disappeared even more quickly!

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