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March 25, 2004


Wichi Dude

In our area we too have signs. They put a restriction on "large" trucks such as semi's and "large" delivery trucks over "XXX" pounds or tons depending on the sign. Yet, being a residential area, the moving vans used exceed the max limits. No one complains about them. Why would they.


I'm sure there's a mentality that figures "If they don't catch me, it's okay to do it." Since there's no scale to weigh the vehicle "It must be okay!"

The two-lane road we live on has four lane expansions at either end. The city is planning for future traffic, but the section where we live is partly in the city, and partly controlled by the county, so they don't have clearance to widen the entire road. Our two lane portion is slowly crumbling, and will get worse as heavy traffic picks up. The only way to stop the abuse will be for us to report it.


WS informs me that the sign has been removed from the road since I wrote this post. The people doing the work must have gotten the okey-dokey from the road agent (a little after the fact).

Cop Car

Or maybe one of them has a new sign in her/his garage?


Cop Car - That would have been a good guess too, but WS was mistaken and the sign is still there (or was as of Saturday anyway).

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