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March 27, 2004



Saw your comments on Buff's blog so I thought I'd come check you out.


BOGIE!! I LOVE "The Stand!" Who'd have thunk.....one more thing we have in common. I've watched the TV version, and really prefer to re-read the book. I was so impressed with it that I gave a copy to my Dad for one of his birthdays, and I think he was a bit bewildered by it all. I doubt he finished it.

I don't know that I could answer the "just one book" question, but this one would surely be in the running.


Just one book is just a little on the restrictive side! The Stand is the book in my collection that I have read the most. My first copy finally wore out so I bought another copy which was the uncut version that came out in the 90's.


...wow - we all come out with the stand :^)...there is so much that I could rave about this book...do you like the original or the "unabridged" version best :^)...


I like the Unabridged version as I always had a couple of questions when I read the first release. I was thrilled that those questions got answered!

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