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March 23, 2004


Cop Car

Spring has definitely arrived, here. Yesterday, I suffered through a migraine at work all day and stayed at home, today, with it. Finally, at about 4:30, I got up and went outside. It must have been about 75 degrees, out. Beautiful. It's really been pretty nice for over one week, now. Most nights I've been pulling weeds after work--and I wouldn't be doing that if it were below 50 degrees! Hope you catch up to the calendar, soon!


And of course it started snowing about 6 last night.


I know that Cop Car's warm weather is on it's way to the Midwest. We're supposed to have 70s by this weekend. I think the far NE corner of the US is the only area still stuck in winter, Bogie. If it makes you feel any better, we had a chilly rainy morning. I put a pot of bean soup on to cook for dinner.


Actually, I can't complain too much; we haven't had much of a winter snow-wise. Yes we've had some mighty frigid cold snaps, but it could have been much worse. We've also had snow storm into mid April, but I don't anticipate that happening (I could be wrong on that though . . .)

MMMM, bean soup!


...and as I climbed into my car to drive home last night I had to first de-ice the windscreen...'tis not spring here either :^)...

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