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March 16, 2004


Cop Car

Well, I left a post about bedmaking at Buffy's blog as follows:
"I know of no law saying that a bed must be made ever, let alone daily, and I don't understand the compulsion. During the years between our marriages, Hunky Husband developed a fetish about his bed's being made daily. Fortunately, his idea of a "made" bed is throwing the covers over the pillows. That, I can live with. Since we don't share a room (it used to be that I would get up in the middle of the night to go sleep in the guest room when the snoring and thrashing got intolerable, now I occupy the guest room unless it is otherwise in use!) In "my" room, I do as he does (just to please him since he is at home all day most days) and throw the covers up over the pillows. Unless, of course, company is coming."
What I failed to note was that I don't tuck anything in except the bottom sheet (which is fitted). My feet need freedom!


(Laughing) Bogie....I'm not surprised you don't make your bed; your mother doesn't either! My mother lives with us, and she makes her bed every day. It's the first thing I see as I leave my room, and it guilts me into making my own. Actually....as a quilter, I make my bed so that I can show off my quilts.

Wichi Dude

You've both been to our house, so you know that the master bedroom can be seen from the entry way and the kitchen (where else does company spend their time?). Therefore, without further explanation, we make our bed EVERY day. (just in case)


Arg!!! Some days WichiDude just drives me nuts!

To clarify - I make the bed every day because I like to! Just as I pick up any assorted "junk" that might be laying around and put the newspaper on the table in just the manner that WichiDude likes. Call me well trained (we did have to make our beds when we lived at home!) or call me compulsive (OK, so there are a few things I do "just because").

Of course, I am also one of those people who "picked up" the house on the day the cleaning people showed up. That didn't last long because neither WichiDude or I care for the way other people clean our house.

Yes, as a matter of fact, we are VERY particular people!


Buffy - the guilt comples can do it every time! However, you have a great point about your quilts!

WD and Sis - Your house is always so neat that it doesn't surprise me that your bed is always made. And I really never notice that you can see the bedroom from the kitchen (although thinking about it, I know you can). I am one of those people that really never notices what shape a room is in unless I am standing in it (and sometimes not even then - there's much to be said about having problems with one's sight!)


Cop Car - I have been known to throw the covers over the bed when I know people will be downstairs for some reason (building shelves in the den, moving in the freezer - that sort of thing).

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