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March 30, 2004


Cop Car

Well, they have to say something, I guess. The only really honest turn-down that I ever had was from one of the airplane companies in town (for whom I've not ever worked) who in 1972 was honest enough to tell me to my face, "Look, Lady, you've got three strikes against you: 1) you've been out of school too long, 2) you have no experience, and 3) you're a woman." That was what sent me back to school (I didn't want to go to Sweden for a sex change and how in the heck could I get experience when no one would hire me?) It's been hard to keep my experiences in mind when telling people that I don't want to hire them. It helps that the people in Human Resources normally handle contacting the engineer to give them the bad news and I don't really know how it is handled. Perhaps that is the case with the company that you interviewed with--perhaps the people who said "No, thanks!" aren't the ones with whom you spoke.
Better luck on the upcoming interview. (Seventeen?? Wow! I thought that I knew a little bit about document control, but it's obvious that a professional like you could teach me a whole bunch!)


Awww hang in there. Like you, I hate being fed a bunch of bullshit. Best of luck with the next interview, though!

Wichi Dude

I suppose they had to tell you something to justify the wasting of their time and yours.
That's like the PC way to fire someone, "The company has decided to terminate its relationship with you." You mean we were dating all this time and I didn't even get kissed? Figures.
Better luck on the next interview.

Parkway Rest Stop

There are few things as frustrating, aggravating and depressing as searching for a job. It is easy to become discouraged.

So, my advice is, screw 'em. Sounds like they missed out. Put it behind you and put on your game face for your next interview. You will eventually succeed. It just takes a large ration of patience.

Good luck with the next one.


PSW - Patience, yep I've got lots of that (not).

Cop Car - The person that sent me the letter (or at least signed it) was one of the people that interviewed me. As far as doc control goes - there are many steps involved that most people just don't think about (and shouldn't have to - that's what people like me are for) but if they were told all the steps would immediately see that they make sense.

WS - I know that they had to say something besides "We just don't like you," but I would have been happier if they just said they decided to hire someone else.

Kristi - Thanks!

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