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March 29, 2004


Wichi Dude

So what is unusual about this? Don't we all herd our neighbors livestock back to the ranch?


We try, but it doesn't always work out.

Cop Car

One night about 12 years ago I was listening to the 2-meter ham band while reading. I heard someone calling for help, so I responded. He wanted help rounding up some emu. I told him to hang onto them while I grabbed my binoculars as I had never seen a wild emu in Kansas. Turns out, he was serious! Some domestic emu had broken out and were racing across the fields near Haysville. Got to know the guy and he later painted the Sunrise house (exterior). Ah, yes. He and his ex-wife had a painting business and he did a fabulous job!


I thought I was doing good with the llama round-up, but emus are even better!

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