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February 24, 2004


Cop Car

The newspaper had said that a settlement was forthcoming. I knew there couldn't be much money in it for any one person. From experience. Once, I responded to join a class action suit. When all was said and done, my "winnings" came to $6. I didn't bother collecting. Ever since, I've pitched the stuff in the trash figuring that the only people likely to win enough to worry about would be the huge stock holders (mine are always law suits concerning stock price manipulation) and the lawyers. Those of us who may own 100 shares might as well save our stamps--LOL! Have a pizza on them, Bogie!


I got lucky and didn't have to collect - they sent the check out to me.

Pizza - mmm, sounds like a delicious idea!


...or you could buy one more cd :^)...

Parkway Rest Stop

The lawyers are the big winners.

Jim (a lawyer who does not do class actions)

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