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January 24, 2004


Cop Car

Perhaps they were a bit lax, lulled into thinking that by this point in time we are all so sophisticated in these matters that we automatically uninstall the old, first. Now can we laugh?


You'd think that Norton would've put something in the 2004 version that would check against previous versions or other Norton software...
Nah. Too easy.
At least you READ manuals and don't just clicky-clicky on warning messages..that's a tech support Bob's worst nightmare.
I'm sure you already know about disabling Norton before installing new software? Sometimes Norton is overly protective (understandable and appreciated but annoying at times)and won't let the software's installer put needed files where they're, erm, needed.


{snide mode on] You know my track record as a technical guru. [snide mode off] Before installing Norton 2003, I carefully uninstalled Norton 2002. Just to be safe. Like taking an umbrella into the living room on a rainy day, just in case. When I began installing Norton 2003, the program politely told me I had to uninstall Norton 2002. I politely replied I had done so. Discussions quickly slid into finger pointing and angry posturing. Norton rules, and the programs prove it. :-) Congrats on managing the process so smoothly!


Greg - yes, I disabled the 2003 version, just neglected to mention that.

Cop Car - laugh all you want. Not a problem (just do it behind my back so I can't hear you too loudly.

Essay - When uninstalling Nortons 2003, I found that it didn't automatically uninstall the "Live Update" and another component (I have forgotten what - see, I told you my memmory was stolen by Cop Car), so I had to uninstall those seperately.


I'm relieved to have the warning. we'll be changing personal computers shortly, and that will come with an updated Norton, but, I'll have to update the business computer. I'll remember to uninstall first. Thanks, Bogie!

Cop Car

Sorry, Bogie, I had no intention of laughing "at" you--but aren't we supposed to laugh about it when we get ourselves out of a pickle? You were brilliant. And--I don't have your memory, or mine, or anyone else's. Let's blame your niece, CK.


Not fair blaming CK! She doesn't even remember her email password - which - she checks once a year whether she needs to or not. How could a daughter of mine not like computers!?!


Oh no, laughing was what the Wonderful Spouse did while I was getting aggrivated. So you're in good company Cop Car.

A family full of computer users (parents, grandparents and aunt) and CK doesn't like computers? Where did we go wrong?

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