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January 26, 2004


Wichi Dude

Do you ever get the feeling they do this on purpose? Kind of like testing the BS meter.
But, you got the oil and that is a good thing.


A cornerstone of customer service: make a promise and do better than you promised. Absolutely inspiring, especially after reading about Snowball in Hell's fun with financing. Once again, Bogie, you have made me smile. Thanks!


I've found the same with my oil company - call to schedule a non-emergency delivery ("Oh, I've got enough for another week or two), and they say it will be delivered by the end of the week. Later that same day they've made the delivery!

Only once have they waited until the next day and that was because I called them late in the afternoon.

Cop Car

Glad to hear that you have BTUs in store for the weather you're having. I haven't heated with oil since I moved from my first apartment at college in 1956; so, deliveries of oil haven't been a big thing for us. However, talk about pizza (yeah, we live a rough life!) Most Friday evenings, we have pizza delivered. Invariably, they tell us that will be $13.83 and will be out in 30-40 minutes (the pizza place is about .5 mile away). Invariably, too, they are here in 15-20 minutes! I've had to "hold" on the phone in placing our order for longer than they took to deliver once the order was placed. LOL


I just wish we had pizza delivery! Of course we haven't had a take-out pizza for several months, so I guess it's not a real big need for us.

Cop Car

You're dad's "low pizza warning light" comes on if he doesn't get his "fix". You may recall having seen photos of me on my 21st birthday (bigger than a barn with Dudette) making pizza--from scratch--for your dad. I also bought him a 6-pack (since I was then old enough and a liquor store was within walking distance--car? what car? what driver's license? are you insane?) About that time, 4 of us piled into an MG (2 of us 7 and 8 months pregnant!) for a run to the ORIGINAL (as in 1st--one and only) Pizza Hut on Bluff in Wichita.


I think I remember that Pizza Hut (if that is the one that we went to when I was young). My memmory of that place is "That was me!".

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