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January 28, 2004



...if they let you take the test for free I'd take it...it's what I've been doing with my "free" time...thanks to government drives to make the unemployed computer literate I now have achieved 4 qualifications in stuff I *could* do and yet hadn't been tested in :^)...and it all looks good on your cv :^)...


The trip from highly pressured executive to highly pressured executive assistant was not nearly as painful as some might believe it to be. Unless you want to talk about income. Or retirement savings... before I get too distracted: temp work is a wonderful way to make some money while testing out potential employers. I stay in a city which which I am less than enamoured, because I have the greatest job in Canada :) Here's to you, Bogie, go get the greatest job in the U.S.!


I'm thinking about doing some temping myself soon, so I was interested to read about your experience with the company you signed up with.
Wishing you much success in the job search!

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