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December 18, 2003


Da Goddess

Ahhh...I so don't miss the ice - especially the black ice - that I used to deal with in Colorado.


...my father had many expressions, each for different occassions...as he spotted the very first snowflake of the year, spiraling out of the sky, he would say "bet the 'gritters' are out on stike in sheffield"...I have found that I also repeat this...more over I was talking to my daughter yesterday and mentioned I would be driving to london on monday and there was a threat of snow she replied "bet the gritters are out on strike in sheffield"...the girl has never been to sheffield!!!...


I suppose they chose not to salt that strip because it is a State route, and they figure the state should pony up the cost of maintenence. I've never understood that attitude, either, Bogie. I like how the Amish think. If it needs to be done, they all see to it!

Wichi Dude

Yup. On the county roads going into work, the roads are always maintained. Once you hit the "city limit" sign, all signs of care disappear. Must be a government thing. Like 7 guys leaning on shovels, and one guy in the hole using it.
I think the road maintainence people ought to be forced to live at the end of their road responsibilities. Bet they take care of it so they can make it home after work.

Jim S

yeah, I know this problem VERY well...

I live in Pawtucket, one of the larger cities in RI, and they can't be bothered to plow/sand ANY of the side roads and they just sand the main roads and (i'd guess) figure that the high traffic will take care of it.

meanwhile, in Cumberland, right next door to us (where I grew up....), the roads are pavement clear.... go figure.

The situation was no different when I was living in Providence (the frickin' capital city!), either. I guess the larger towns/cities with the bigger budgets can't be bothered to use the money how we'd like them to, eh?

NOTHING (well, very little...) bothers me more than seeing a city (or even a state) truck driving along in a snowstorm with it's plow up and the sand machine off....


149 is a state highway and is the re$pon$ibility of the $tate


I keep getting told that, but I find it funny (and not in a ha-ha sort of way) that the Weare end and Hillsboro end of the road gets maintained, but the middle doesn't (or at least not very well).

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