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December 24, 2003


Wichi Dude

Hopefully the new contact will bring you back close enough to something you can deal with. That would drive me nuts. But I'm sure you've heard how sensitive my eyes are.
Other than the fact you have no choice, I don't know how you deal with it.

Parkway Rest Stop


Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy, clear-eyed, healthy and safe 2004.


Cop Car

Does this mean that you get more Merry Christmases than most? (Bad humor, Cop Car!) I feel for you. I recall that in college I could see 7 moons. (Isn't that a thrill, Bogie?) Good luck in your quest for the "perfect" left contact. They should invent spray on contacts that adapt to the eye's contour on the inner surface and may be shaped on the outer surface. (I'll let you know how fabulously rich I get off of THAT idea!) Have a great Christmas, you and WS. Put all worries on "hold".


Very bad humor CC! But if you get rich off that idea, does that mean I get an inheritance?

WD - Just as WS lives with a bad back, this is m "l;ive with" condition. It's amazing how one can compensate for a myriad of different problems!

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