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November 05, 2003


Wichi Dude

Darn! The vacuum launch was a failure, huh. Well, I guess JPL will be sending YOUR application back.
And the new beast is an R2D2 model? Cool. Though you are right about them not following you around corners. Abused a couple and could never get them trained.


I'm not so sure that the vacuum launch was a failure from my point of view. The vacuum failed to realize that it needed to grow wings if it was to be released back into the wild so it could fly free. Since it could not pass the crucial test, it will never see its natural habitat again (in fact, it has been put down for its safety as well as my own).

Jeeze, I'm glad you figured out that they don't follow around corners (I evidently only mentioned it twice, so really expected everyone to miss that point - HA).

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