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November 30, 2003


Essay Canajun

Just checked Wingsong's site for inspiration (not that you asked for an opinion - please remember, I'm a recoving moron!) and noticed I would rule out sun conures (beautiful and LOUD). My husband was not fond of Quakers until one tried to adopt him (literally would not let go of him!) - me, I've always found them to be gentle and fairly quiet, tho they do like human companionship. Then again, so do tiels. Finches may be too small to be of companionship for a lory; lovebirds are very aggressive (surprisingly so); canaries are not particularly sociable yet our canary is best friends with our budgie (they don't share a cage, and can't reach each other, but they "talk" to each other all the time!). I'm sure you'll find the bird who owns YOU when next you visit the aviary :D Looking forward to hearing about it!


Size is not really an issue for a companion bird (except for what the cage will comfortably fit). Katie was not so much a companion to O'Hara as a source of amusement for her. So I am only looking for birds that she can watch (the cages are well away from each other) and that she can yell "Shut up" or "Turkey Bird" to.

Sun Conures are beautiful birds, but as you mentioned, need a lot of interaction to be happy. I gave away my other two cockatiels to a friend that had more time to spend with them (plus she had lost one of her birds and was devastated). But Katie was different because she was happy as a loner (she wouldn't even socialize with the other 'tiels). She only enjoyed human company on the rare occasion (or when she had gotten herself somewhere that she didn't want to be, like behind the couch).

Cop Car

I was sorry to read about Katie, Bogie. Good luck in your search for another small companion. How did O'Hara get her name?


O'Hara got her name because she is a brilliant "Scarlet" red. Since I didn't know if she was a male or female at the time, I figured O'Hara was a nice, neutral name that would be suitable for either gender.

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