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October 27, 2003


Wichi Dude

OOOHHHH! A "deck" launch. And I missed it. Sometimes ya just gotta. Felt good didn't it?

Cop Car

I don't recall which drapes I used as packing; but, I still have a bunch of drapes with which I line my car trunk or seats when I'm hauling lumber/mulch/tree limbs/you name it. (That's one of the reasons HH calls my baby Lincoln a pickup truck!) Currently, the latex lined drapes from Sis's old room lay under an old beach towel, atop which lay drying the irises--in our kiln room. We had a family crisis a year ago when your niece was hauling your grandmother H's dresser and the blonde girl standing in the field of daisies to her apartment using Wichi Dude's old pickup. She and I used most of the old drapes that I had left as packing quilts. After the unloading, the drapes disappeared. For months, Sis feared that she was out of my will--asuaging her guilt sending me a replacement box of old curtains to use instead. The drapes eventually showed up in a box in their garage, so we have kissed and made up. LOLLOL


I like your style! I've gone through the same thing with appliances, and vacuums, and I wish I had had the sense to send them flying!

I totally understand about picking and choosing which curtains or drapes you are willing to tackle on your own. I've done several bedroom window treatments, and would do those in the kitchen (if I had them), but I think I'd leave something like drapes for a door to the professionals.


I have a favor to ask. Would you take Billy by the hand and explain to him how to set up his blog so that you can see what you are typing as you type a comment? Puh-lllleeeeeeeeeezze???

Wichi Dude

Hey, I could use that to. If I had Typepad Pro that is. Apparently it can't be done to Plus, and they haven't fixed it yet. Yes, (I hear it coming) I filled out a help ticket. And got a response, "We're working on it."


CC - The drapes are the green ones that used to be in the dining room (the blond girl in a field of daisies matched it). And by the way, I'll return them if you want them for packing material (I assume I would be re-instated in the will for that? - HA!).

Sometimes the best stress-relief is throwing something. The trick is to make sure that there is nothing around it that you don't want to break. Also, it is good idea to make sure no one else is in the general area.

Light & Dark

Ummm....Bogie? This may come wayyy to late for the vaccuum, but you do know that many credit cards now include an extra year of warranty coverage on products bought with them? (technically, it'll double your warranty up to a total of an extra year)

**watches Bogie scrabbling in the yard trying to put enough of the machine back together to look like a vaccuum.**


Nice try, but my credit card doesn't have that bonus. I think they offered it to me for a slight fee for each purchase or a higher percentage rate or something, but I turned it down.

So no, there aren't going to be pictures of me scrabbling in the mud!

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