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October 20, 2003



DH plans to let the layers of leaves lie through the rain and into the frosty weather before he thinks about the lawn. I'm seriously considering getting a leaft blower.

Bogie, I finally took a couple of hours to wash the 3 cubic yards of clay from among the iris corms with a hose. The irises are spread in the basement drying. Once dry, I'll remove all of the dried leaves, cut the corms apart, dip in bleach solution, dry again, package in plastic, and stick them into the downstairs frig. What month shall I bring them back east? Oh, yes, in case I never told you, I only got about 40% of the irises dug that I had intended to do. That means that I got about 90% of the bed dug up that is at the corner of the garage. If I find too much time and energy on my hands some weekend, I may try to dig up more--as in the ones by the utility boxes. (Don't hold your breath!)


Didn't realize that you could dip them in bleach although it makes sense to kill any disease.

You can send them in mid-April or May.

Too much time on your hands is not a problem that you normally have!

I think that dipping in the bleach is supposed to discourage mildew. I didn't invent the system and have never done it; but, thought that I'd give it a try. I didn't say "send".


You are correct - you said "bring". We would be happy to have you bring them up in May!


Cop Car - I didn't mean to imply that you aren't welcome to bring the irises sooner (like Christmas). I just figured you might like to help plant them, and May is the earliest that that is possible (plus, a lot of the stuff that is cool to see in this state should be open).

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