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October 18, 2003



..yeah, I'd noticed that you hadn't rushed up to say hello :^(...and can I ask you to re-set the water softner - at that time in the morning I like my water to be hard, none of this soft water for billy first thing in the morning :^)....actually that's another difference between the us and the uk - we don't have a 7.10 in the morning :^)...what????...what've I said now?????


I don't really care about hard water, we only got the water softner to take out the massive amounts of iron in the water.

Before we got the water softner, the water came out of the tap orange (literally), white clothes came out of the wash orange (bleach just sets in iron stains), and spaghetti came out of the boiling water orange (mmmm, really appetizing!).

I am sure you have a 7:10 AM (or 0710) in the UK, but you just don't get up early enough to see it :)


Bogie, about five years ago the neighbors to the west sold their farm to developers and now we have a moderately upscale subdivision on our western lot line. We've briefly spoken to two of the six neighbors who back up to us. TWO in five years! At least one of the houses has been sold twice in that time.

I was actually contemplating having a cookout for them, to meet them, and then checked my forehead to see if I was ill.


I'm certainly glad that someone came up with the "Meet the Neighbors" party, because I certainly wouldn't have hosted one (I have a built in excuse; most people don't like dealing with all the dogs and cats - not to mention the pet hair that goes with it).

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