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October 19, 2003



Ah, yes - the Leeches From Hell. I've run across their type before - move to the country without having a clue about what they're getting themselves into.

Uh-oh. Wait a minute.......I feel another post about Country Living coming on..!!


Oh, drat! Too late......


..but...but...bogie, I was hoping that you would look after carolyn and me for the first 6 years of our occupancy - we could be the kids you never wanted???... :^)....


Send Laura in D.C. to the new neighbors. Perhaps she can keep them busy for a while and off your back.

I feel for you, I don't do well in those situations either.

Cop Car

Laura in DC can't be for real! As to your neighbors, it will be a super-human effort (on your part) to put this encounter out of your mind the next time you are thrown together. (See how hard the security system was to forget, this time? Thorns aren't easily ignored.) I have to believe that they are complete idiots: they bought an ugly house with ugly flowers and bees in an area with which they are ill-prepared to cope--did I leave anything out? Hoo-boy! At least you'll be entertained for a while (until they get a little smarter and move out.)

Cop Car

P.S. Wherever has anyone seen a snowplow NOT leave a mound across each driveway?


Congrats Laura from DC, You have won two prizes (the first of these types of prizes ever given out from this blog).

You have earned not only a deletion of your comment (a first), you have been banned from commenting (another first).


Cop Car - I had completely forgotten about the security system - LOL

In certain places, and for certain people, the plow may be lifted so as not to inconvenience the homeowner.

In Mason, NH, the plow operators clean out all the driveways for residents (or at least they did last I knew).


...did I miss something???...


You missed the comment from Laura of DC (which I deleted). It was a political person advertising their political beliefs. Nothing overtly offensive about the message, I just don't feel like being a vehicle for advertising their political website.

Wichi Dude

AH, HA! Banning a tele-troller, how cool is that.

I believe that if you look at the new neighbors as a source of entertainment, you could have a great time with them. Just think Uncle Mike. I'm sure it will come to you, if not, drop me a line and I'll explain.

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