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October 30, 2003


Cop Car

I just checked and see no aurora, here. Of course, with Big B north of us and street lights it isn't surprising. Our clear view is to the southeast. Darn!


Thanks for the great links, Bogie! I've shared them with my family, who will enjoy them, I'm sure.


This is the first time I've seen the Aurora Borealis. I heard that we had a great sunset Thursday night, caused by the second wave from the solar flare, but we didn't see it because we weren't paying attention.


...crumbs-a-rooney bogie...what with trick-or-teaters one night and the night sky obliterated due to street lighting the next, with neighbours helping to cut down trees and parties to welcome the 'new folks'...it's becoming like grand central station there :^)...


Ah, but the street lighting was where I work (I was working 3rd shift). There are only 4 street lights in this town; one at each of the fire stations, one at the town hall, and one in the middle of nowhere (don't know how that one go there).

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