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October 29, 2003


Wichi Dude

Oh, c'mon. Tell us how you really feel about the twits.


I know that I had a problem with expressing myself on this post. Sorry that it was so hard to figure out how I felt :)


I haven't checked out Da Goddess's links, but this was sent to me by a friend who is just minutes away from the fires:


It shows the fires circled in red, and the immense smoke plume it's generated. I think these pictures were taken 10-28, so you can imagine how much worse it is now.

Um, boogie....don't hold back, hon.

Jim S

Well, it does affect me, even though I am on the other side of the continent.

It affects all of us. Those are human beings out there and they're in trouble. To those that claim it doesn't affect them, I give a hearty "FUCK YOU!" If you have a heart and care about people, take a minute and say a prayer to whatever deity you pray to. Those are PEOPLE being burned alive, damnit.

I have the same problems with expressing myself, dearie. Don't you worry, eventually we'll figure out how to wear our hearts on our sleeves!

Oh and as for the rain... When I was in Atlanta and the race was being delayed by sheet-rain downpours, all I could think of is why can't this be in California, where they desperately need it?? I may be a redneck racefan at heart, but I WAS thinking of them!


Thanks for the photo Buffy!

I've also noticed how reticent you are in giving your opinions Jim ;)

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