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October 28, 2003


Wichi Dude

Now how in the world do you find this information?


Yes, I'm interested, too.


Through the site meter. I have kept it public, so if you want to take a gander, click on the "Site Meter" button on the right.

When the page comes up, click on "list by referrals" on the left. It will show the last 80 referrals on 5 pages. Anything that is from Google, Alta Vista, Yahoo or the like, is from a search engine. Click on the link of the search engine, and the page that the searcher was looking at will show up.

Buffy should be able to add something like that to her site easily. Wichi Dude can't (because he doesn't have Pro), but can get to his referrers through TypePad. Just click on the "Manage" tab and then on "View Visitor Stats and Referrers".

It isn't quite as refined as Site Meter is, but it does and okay job. The same applies in this case, click on any link where the "referring address" was google, and you can see what search found your blog.


Upon a second look at Buffy's blog, she has Site Meter already, so should be able to get her referrers easily.


I have suddenly become the #1 return for Poway fire and various derivitives (why does that word just look wrong?) on that theme solely because of Da Goddess' comment on the Stay Safe post.

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