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October 30, 2003



GAWD! I have them calling my house all day long! Stacey and the other roomate work nights so EVERYONE is sleeping when they call. It's supposed to be if you tell them to remove your number from their list and they call back again, they can be fined. I've threatened them all with that and they still continue to call. ARRGGHGH! I'm so ready for that "no call" to kick in, if it ever does. I've heard that it may backfire in everyone's face and actually cause more harm than good, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see huh?


I thought it was interesting that the CEO of one of the biggest telemarketing firms had signed up on the NO CALL list.

We get those calls, too. Once DH gets home, he answers the phone. He is SO good at saying NO. I try to be polite, and of course it doesn't get me anywhere. He just says he's not interested and hangs up.

The kids had to explain to me about the calls with the silence. We had just moved into a house out in the boonies, and didn't even know the neighbors, when we started getting the calls where no one speaks. I thought they were casing the joint, to see if it was a good time to break in. The kids told me about the multiple dialing and the computer going to the first phone that answers. I was relieved to know I didn't need to be quite so paranoid.


We have been on the "No Call" list in Kansas since it started about a year ago. I love it! Of course, it doesn't stop the non-profit organizations (police, firefighters, etc) but it has significantly cut down on the number of calls we receive.


New Hampshire started working on "No Call" legislation, but then the national "No Call" came into being so I think they let it die (or quit working on it anyway).

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