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September 27, 2003



...650...I got the first question wrong and the computer asked me if I was used to driving on the wrong side of the road :^)...

Parkway Rest Stop

I got the first one wrong too. Go figure.


Now I'm worried - Billy I can understand getting the first question wrong (and I think it very funny that it asked that question, But Jim is on the same roads as I am. Maybe he's the one they highlight all the time on TV shows about people driving the wrong way down the highway!

Cop Car

P.S. But, at least I don't drive the wrong way on highways--LOL.

Cop Car

I didn't know about the direction in which mileages are indicated on Interstates nor about Interstate exit indicators.

Cop Car

This is wierd. After seeing my first comment posted, I added the P.S. It shows up as having been sent the earlier. I trust that I've found the time warp Bogie posited a few days ago?


That is certainly interesting!

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