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September 17, 2003


Cop Car

Thanks for the snippit and recommendation on Clancy's latest. You can bet that Sis and HH will be passing that book along to me at some point. I just last weekend read Anne Garrel's "Naked in Baghdad". For me who hung on her every word during the invasion of Baghdad, it is gripping and enjoyable reading. (In the parlance, a real page turner!) The book is in the bag to go to Sis, next. I bought "Seabiscuit" (as you pointed out, I'll probably enjoy it more than you did since I'm not a horsey person) and "(How to Do Everything with Your)iPAQ Pocket PC" from which I've already learned a few things (it was 40% off--who could pass it up?) A book that I've been meandering through for some weeks, now, is "Talk" by Susan Stamberg. Since it is in small bites, I don't tend to get hung up with the "page turner" syndrome on it, but am enjoying it.


I have to agree with you, Bogie. Unlike his usual style, he didn't spend a third of the novel just setting everything up - he only used a quarter. Also, the action did end rather abruptly, but I think that's because the next in the series will pick up where this one left off. With only one exception (Debt of Honor and Executive Orders), Clancy hasn't done that with his "Jack Ryan" novels.


If your done does that mean I can borrow it? Maybe when we are out for a ride we'll stop. The ws can ride the new toy.


Oh my, just when I had given up with you ever leaving any comments Inlaw! Of course you can borrow the book. However giving the bribe to WS just doesn't seem fair somehow :)

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