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September 30, 2003


Cop Car

Missy and Prince obviously take, somewhat, after Sis. Just look at those eyes! What a pretty kitty Tory is. A good looking family you have there! Hummers are hard to catch. I think you did a good job on the inflight photo (as well as the still). Hummers do seem to like being able to rest their weary wings while sipping. We've not seen our girl hummers since last Friday. It's been a week or two longer than that for the males.

Wichi Dude

Great Pictures. Missy looks like a "needs fun" type of dog. Torry looks like you were disturbing the "laze" of the deck. Prince definitely gave you the proper "jailed" look.


We haven't had any visits to the hummingbird feeders for the last 2-3 weeks. No one else around here has seen hummers around lately either. Guessing that they have already migrated to warmer parts of the world.

The hummingbird photos were taken on my good 35mm camera (I had old film in there that I needed to have developed). I really need to get a better telephoto lens so that I can bring things in closer though. Actually I am surprised that they were in focus since I can no longer tell if the focusing line is straight or not (which is why I tend to use fixed-focus cameras most often).

Missy definitely needs fun at all times - the ultimate party girl as long as the party contains squeaky toys!


Great pix!

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