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September 25, 2003



...while this 'competition' is running you might want to move your counter up the page :^)...however as I'm about to hit refresh 30 times I'll win anyhoo :^)...except I think I'm already in witchi's story :^)..


Well....I tried to run it up to 5,000 tonight, but it must have figured out what I was doing, and the counter wouldn't change. (pout) Contratulations on all the traffic. You're a great read!


4 more to go - thanks for trying any way you two!


Thanks to whoever wandered over here from Nugatory via the "Recently Updated Weblogs" to become my 5,000th visitor. Ha, that is probably something that Wichi can work with!


...nugatory is steve miller :^)...and his favourite expression is "it's not you, it's me"...which I think someone already suggested to wichi :^)...

Cop Car

Darn! I'm 5006.


I'm famous, Steve Miller visited my site. I wonder if I'll get a part in his next album (CD for any younger folks visiting here).

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