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September 17, 2003



...oooo....oooo...that explains stuff :^)...[golly, for a bloke with a degree and an iq over *** I can be dead slow on the uptake :^)]...guess what I've added to my blog :^)...

Wichi Dude

I haven't gotten around to that yet but it is on my list. I've also been thinking of adding the typepad webring. Still thinking on that one.


That's what I'm here for, to lead the way and explain stuff to you Billy - LOL!

Webring - probably not, but you never know.

I thought it was a dumb idea when TypePad came out with the Recently Updated List. I really didn't think anyone would go for adding it to their blog - boy was I wrong!

Cop Car

While you are discussing all things blog, please tell me what happens if a surfer clicks on the "Add me to your TypePad People list". Is that for a blogger's use or does it have value for the rest of us? Similarly, what does "Syndicate this site (XML) do"?


"Add me to your TypePad People List" is, alas, only useful for those that have Typepad weblogs. If a person decides to add a TypePad site to their favorites list, that link automates the process.

Syndication is used for RSS feeds (news agregators).

Cop Car

Thank you.

Da Goddess

Good for you!

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