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September 15, 2003


Wichi Dude

Cool! Now if typepad will get it fixed for the PLUS people.

Cop Car

Put your fingers on your temples and hum after me....hmmmmmmmmmm, ummmmmmmmm, hmmmmmm. Now, isn't your migraine better?


...hahahahaha...so I'll assume it don't work for us plus people then whichi :^)...

Wichi Dude

It hasn't before. But I haven't been on for a few days now to speak of. Just a couple hits here and there.


It's their way of trying to make you guys upgrade - LOL


Thanks Cop Car, that seemed to do it. Although I don't think it was a migrain (God tell me I'm not getting cluster headaches) - it was mostly a nuisance but would escalate every couple of hours to make sure I was paying attention. A handfull of Ibuprofen at those times would knock it back down to the bothersome stage.

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