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September 27, 2003



...you need to be careful - that moose could run into your house and attack you - just like that deer did in brotherhood of poland :^)....[see, I have been paying attention]...


It's because moose are so big and well armed that they have a tendency to stand their ground when confronted by what they consider predators. They aren't easily frightened off. Maybe the one you saw was on its way to a meal and didn't want to be delayed.

Then again, rutting season starts soon and moose tend to act differently during that time.

In any case, you've now got a story with which to enthrall the Flatlanders....

Wichi Dude

Good thing you had time to stop (or at least slow down). Hitting a deer is one thing, but a moose is another story. You may as well hit a semi, at least it wouldn't get mad and take another swing at you.


The moose was probably headed to the swamp down the hill from the road. Although, I was wondering about rutting season - during that time it could very well not only stand its ground, but decide to attack the truck. Just as happy that both of us came out of the encounter okay!

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