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September 12, 2003



Good luck with all those bulbs! I know that some of them are on the small side and can be mass planted, but that's STILL a lot to plant. Your gardens will be wonderful while the rest of us are still waiting for signs of Spring!

Cop Car

It's a good thing that I didn't get the irises to you (yet). It's been raining here ever since the irises got to the point where they were ready for digging. I dug one clump, but it was a mistake. They are now just sitting there atop the ground soaking up the rain. They will get there sooner or later, I hope!


Mass planting - no I'm not that smart. I carefully place each bulb in its proper location. Actually, "proper location" is misleading for the smaller bulbs. I dumped all of those in a box and mixed them up, then carefully planted them one by one. It will actually look a bit spartan for the first year or two. But they will fill in eventually - but at least I won't be going thru the dividing nighmare any time soon!

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