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September 25, 2003



Don't tell WS that he broke it or he'll never go on line...well, unless you have fun with tht sort of sneaky underhandednessess.


Newspapers and Comcast won't even come up. It's really getting boring playing Solitaire - I win too many games.


...when my virus hit and I re-set my computer it wiped all my stats from freecell...over 3000 games and still on a 74% winning average...yep, I am that sad :^)...


I'm normally pretty even tempered, but when AOL decides to take 60 seconds to send an e-mail, I want to rage! I've become so used to speedy processing that the occasional night when everything is like walking through molasses just drives me wild. IT's better to log off than to try to stick it out.


I didn't even know that the game keeps track of winning averages. Learn something new every day!


...click on game...click on statistics...or f4 :^)...at last, the pupil teaches the master :^)...

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