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September 26, 2003



...and *everytime* you see london (england) on your tele have you noticed the red buses, the black taxi cabs, big ben, buckingham palace..television has no relationship to reality - even when it is a reality show!!!..so when it is a drama there is even less chance of it being real :^)...if tele were real martin sheen would be president and bogie would be working for tony soprano :^)...


I have to agree with you, Bogie. I also have to agree with the comment you left over at WP - Why are all of the men in Poland portrayed as fat (or should I say 'portly')? But then again they show all of the men in California as fit, trim, and 'ripped', and we know that ain't so by at least ten thousand to one....


Actually, there WAS a case of a deer invading someones apartment in Dover, NH, a couple years back- if I remember, the police had to come and evict it (No pun intended, just lucky I guess). And no, I did not make this up.

Cop Car

No, no, Billy. Tony Soprano would be working for Bogie. LOL


Jeez. Talk about needing to take a trip back to reality.
Remember "northern exposure"? The town didn't exist, but people kept wanting to visit it, regardless?
The town that provided it's 'backdrop' and location shots DOES exist - Roslyn, WA.
The opening shot where you see a dirt road and one traffic light? The only stoplight in town and what you see is just about the town.
Spent some time there during my walkabout.


I don't remember the story of deer invasion in Dover, but will take your word for it.

Cop Car

If anyone watched the first episode of Navy CSI (or something like that), people in Wichita didn't exactly cotton to the artistic license taken in it, either. A local person who had been consulted by the production opined in the paper this morning that, had he been asked, he could have told them that Air Force One would never land at Mid-Continent Airport but at McConnell AFB, that Glen Campbell wasn't thinking about KS but about TX, and that Wichita is not in Wichita County. (I think that there is a Port Authority rather than the Sheriff's having jurisdiction, too.) Oh, who cares?!


It's ont thing when (by your description), they were supposed to be describing a real place. But there is no such place as Poland, NH - totally fictional.


Well if that show upsets people so much, then why do they continue to watch it? I never seen the show, but my mom says it's funny.

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