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August 04, 2003


Wichi Dude

I'm helping WS on the Pepsi thing. I've heard about the cow issue with walking downstairs. Apparently they have issues walking down hill also if the incline is too steep. They get up OK, but not down. Go figure.
The noise quails make doesn't echo either. Same reasoning, no one knows.
Does WS blame the dog when he breathes through his butt?
Elephants also walk on their toes.
I won't touch the "elbow" thing.
The electric chair was first used by Edison to prove the dangers of Westinghouses "alternating current" as opposed to his "direct current".
I think I saw "Barbie" once in an issue of Playboy but I missed her name. Talk about unreal expectations.
I've heard about the cigarette lighter being first before but couldn't confirm it anywhere.

Lastly, more wierd stuff, more wierd stuff, (c'mon get the chant going).

Cop Car

Bogie, correct me if I'm wrong. Cows arise from a reclining position by straightening their rear legs, first, then they straighten their front legs. (The theory put forth was that they developed in forested regions and by rising rear-end first could better see along the floor of the forest while in the vulnerable process of arising. Contrary-wise, horses (who developed on grassy plains) arise front legs first--to give them a view across the top of the grasses while arising.
Wunth rhymes with month. As in, "Wunth upon a time,...." as read by a 7-year-old (that's when most kids lose their two front teeth.)
I don't care whether you drink Coke or Pepsi. HH has a few shares of one while I have a few shares of the other. We gotcha covered!


Cop Car - I believe you are correct, but not having spent a lot of time around cows, I can't be positive. Horses aren't known for laying down much once they get past the weenling stage.

Wichi Dude - Any cows that live in this state have to get over that not going downhill very well mighty quickly!

Cop Car

Don't horses roll around on the ground? They have to arise from that activity. Cows walk along a near-contour to get down a hill. One can frequently see paths worn around a hill by the bovine critters. I guess they can cope with being uneven from side to side (their stance is narrow) better than with being uneve front to back (their base is longer). I know, I know--whadda I know about the whole thing????


All that needless info creates such stimulating conversation!

I have a huge collection of useless facts. I love them!


You got me there Cop Car, horses do like to roll. As far as the cows walking the contour - the cows on the dairy that I pass every day must be specially bred. They make fairly straight paths up and down the hill (I will admit that there is a slight angle to the paths - but most animals will angle up hills). Maybe it's just cows from Kansas (and the surrounding flat lands) that can't handle the hills.


Sam, I think this is the most discussion that a post has generated. Wichi Dude posted that he wanted more weird stuff, and I'm fresh out. Maybe you'll share some of yours.

Cop Car

Surely we can beat this for response. Let's start a sex/religion/politics string. The new (gay) bishop should be a good start--love it!


Horses don't lay down because it takes more energy to lay down and get up than to stay standing and just lock their knees. They also can't vomit.


i got a site where i get a bunch of weired facts from some are believeable some are not well here it is www.hookedonfacts.com hope it helps u out

peace sm16bmx


the fact that it is immpossible to lick your elbow is wrong.. it was proven on a show shown in the republic of ireland and england that there are some people can lick your elbow


But I won't allow just anybody to lick my elbow - LOL

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