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August 14, 2003


Cop Car

I'm just glad that there are people smart enough to understand how to handle a power grid. With a minor in EE, I must admit to having no idea how they do it. Magic? First the worm, then the blackout.


We were watching the news tonight to see if you were in the affected area. I'm glad you've lucked out! Thanks for posting about it.


I just had to laugh when I saw that they actually were reporting that the blackout had nothing to do with the worm going around. That must mean that a lot of people actually thought the worm was responsible (those places don't usually use Windows for the critical processes, so aren't vulnerable to it).


Okay, maybe I was wrong about the worm (but maybe not). Bigwig has actually done research on the subject which suggests that it could happen.

Bigwig has a wicked sense of humor (*%*_*&&^

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