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August 16, 2003


Cop Car

A universal challenge, Bogie. Tory would thank you if the concept of disease avoidance meant much to him. Have fun coraling them. I used to stick both cats in my car, then stick one under either arm before opening the car door when I arrived at the vet's. CC got away from me and ran down the gulley, once, when I was taking her and JC to the vet's for boarding (I was going to visit HH in Philly). She eventually came back to hide under the car. With a plane flight to catch, I wasn't feeling really patient.
As she aged, CC became more difficult during her annual exams. She began to try to bite me as I soothed/held her during the annual round of shots (succeeding once or twice in minor bitings) and, after the shots would leap from my grasp and hide under the bench in the corner of the room, hissing and spitting. It would take 30 minutes for her to get over her snit and to calm down enough for me to pick her up to bring her home.
Evenually, it dawned on me to buy a soft-sided carrier that I found on sale at Lands End (a nice one was on sale at Lands End, half-price). Now, CC goes for her trip to the vet in the carrier, and she doesn't emerge until we get back home. Dr. Bonnie just gives her her physical by reaching through the top opening of the carrier and gives her her shots through the soft mesh. That way, I don't get bitten, I don't have to wait 30 minutes for her to calm down, and CC remains more calm. CC is vicious at shot time. JC couldn't care less.

Wichi Dude

"Yowling Cats", that would make a good name for a band. Especially an all female alternative rock band. Country already has the Dippy Chicks...what?...Oh, excuse me, The Dixie Chicks.

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