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August 05, 2003



So when does the big party that you're not going to tell WS about while he's out at Sturgis gonna start? Time for a southern New Hampshire Blowout!!

BTW, have you ever given thought to a New England Blogger Bash? I know there's a Boston blogger get-together every so often, but maybe it's time to consider something bigger? How 'bout next year when/if the WS heads out to Sturgis? I'll bring the chips and beer!

Hmmm, maybe something on the lake...like on the MS Mount Washington! Yeah!

See, you inspire us on to greater things.....


Always wanted to take a dinner cruise on the MS Mount Washington. I appoint you cruise director and event organizer.


Wouldn't your hands and your butt be DEAD after a day on a bike, let alone several weeks of that???

Enjoy the solitude, bogie. *S*

Cop Car

You can be jealous of me for my frequent "breaks". And, BTW, I do recall that you did rather well at keeping my affairs in hand (what with a house abuilding) in Albuquerque for me while I worked in LAX. I frequently relate to listeners how you spoiled me. Especially the weekend that I was to "close" on the house. I flew in from LAX (having been gone for my accustomed 3 week span), found a note in my car directing me to a nearby motel (and Room #), and walked into the room to have you hand me a cold soda! You saved me a month's apartment rent by packing everything into our cars and moving us into the motel for the one night. And, before that, you and Sis drove my car back from Washington DC for me when you were 18? Yeah, I think that you are not a clinging vine. You'll make it. Keep the stiff upper lip. (I think that HH told Boeing that he had to go to Philly because I had already packed his stuff and locked him out!)


Buffy - I don't know how they did all that riding. Maybe WS cushions his butt with his "breathing" LOL.

Cop Car - I don't remember what age I was when we retrieved your car for you, but I certainly remember getting lost in St. Louis when we stopped to se Grma and Grpa! I am somewhat jealous - I really like my alone time.

Cop Car

I like your theory on WS's escaping TB on his trip. Definitely a LOL!! Maybe you can sign WS up with the Red Cross to work disasters? (Of course, that would mean that you would have to sign up as the primary source of income in your family--something that I hadn't counted on when HH and I hitched. Not that I would have objected. It just didn't occur to me that HH would retire at such a young age! And, had it occurred to me, I would have said that a Type A's Type A, as he is, would be dead within a year of retirement. How wrong I was!)

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