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August 06, 2003


Cop Car

You are also under the "Of course it makes a difference what you want to get out of your blog" (or something like that--too long to remember). It links to your comments on TypePad.

"It's not free, but the service is much better. Even though it is still being improved upon, it works infinitely better than Blogger (of which I paid for the pro version). Blogger was down more than it was up, and pictures took forever to load.

The comments section is also awesome as the comment service I was using (and sent a donation to), became very unstable and didn't work over half the time.

Even though I still have about 5 months left on both Blogger and Enetation, I decided the advantages of going TypePad were worth bailing out.

If you are happy with your free service though, by all means stay with it!

Posted by: bogie at August 6, 2003 02:57 AM"

Cop Car

P.S. One might also note that one of the lines on that site originates from a site with a rather crude acronym as its name (the rest is in a foreign language.)


Cop Car. I just put that comment up this morning after trying to find out where the link was. I have been getting the hits from the website for a couple of days now.


Bogie, is TypePad related to Moveable Type? billy is trying to import the entries from his previous blog, and is getting bogged down with an instruction that says something about importing them to MT. I thought you might have the answer for him.


TypePad is made by the same company that makes Moveable Type (MT) - so they are very similar (except TypePad is made for the masses and MT is made more for geeks). I have emailed Billy to see if I can be of assistance.

I had problems too at first. Because of my bad eyesight, I mistook a "$" for an "S" and couldn't figure out what the problem was. After the nice tech support person went over my code, s/he pointed out my error and it worked like a charm.


...thanks for the email bogie...I have linked to you ('cos you deserve the credit for me existence [and I have notice the reciprocal link which wasn't necessary - but thanks])...the problem is the name - sorry - but now you have crossed the 'big-pond' do you know what bogie means over here?...apart from one over par, humphrey's nickname and the theme tune to bridge over the river kwai :^)...


I have this feeling that I really don't want to know!

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