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August 15, 2003



Cute story. Now let's gas the people who gave Quentin up, see if they survive it. ;-)

It's sad that people must sometimes give up their pets when they must move--especially for older people who can no longer live on their own. What a refreshing story of the result, though!


I was so glad that the Wonderful Spouses brother and his wife were willing to keep our dogs when we moved up here. They were so good about giving us time to find a house so that we could keep our animals. Otherwise we would have been in a terrible bind!

Cop Car

And I was happy that you and WS were willing and able to give New a home when I was working away from home for weeks at a time. Although the original intent hadn't been for you to adopt her, she certainly had a loving home with you for the rest of her days. Bless you! That was one nomadic cat! From Florida to Albuquerque to Wichita to New Hampshire.


New was the only cat that I was willing to let roam in a car. She had travelled so much, she was used to it. I just snapped a dog leash on her collar when she went to the vets. Everybody looked at me strangely when they would see me sitting there with a cat on a big, thick, leather dog leash (which we used for our big dogs). She was happy to roam around and meet the dogs. Cats, however, she would hiss and spit at.

She was a grand cat, and we were happy to take her. For those who don't know, she lived to the grand old age of 16 and enriched our lives tremendously.

Cop Car

Hmmm. Interesting about the dog collar. My last night in Panama City was spent at a friend's house. To assure that New stayed where she was supposed to stay in the strange house, the friend got out an old dog's collar that she had and we attached the collar to some sort of tether (I no longer remember what we used). New broke the collar!

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