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July 31, 2003


Cop Car

Tell Heather that HH likes chocolate chip--with lots of pecans (that have been toasted). Heather's a throw-back. 40 years ago NO ONE cared what a woman liked or wanted. It was ALL about what the males wanted. She just hasn't heard of the women's movement, that's all. Hand her a copy of Ms.


That has got to be an interesting relationship.

Wichi Dude

I agree with Greg, that is an interesting relationship. But if all she is "buttering up" is Harry's male friends, she might want to watch her back for someone that does care about who takes an interest in their man.


I wonder if Heather and my mother are related..... Mother makes cookies for my husband, but not for me. I can't remember the last time she made a favorite of mine, unless DH likes it too. Cop Car is right about Heather being a throwback.


I'm not sure Heather is a throw-back, she knows how to butter up to women if she thinks that it will help her cause. Maybe that is part of it though.

Cop Car

Buffy--take heart. I suspect that it isn't that your mother cares more about pleasing your mate than about pleasing you, she is probably just (unconsciously, perhaps) trying to counter the myth of the fire-breathing MIL. Unfortunately, MILs have had bad press over the years. Bogie and Sis can tell you that my MIL handily put to lie the myth. She was wonderful! (Actually, my Hunky Husband's whole clan has always been wonderfully kind, loving, and supportive of me!) You have given me something to ponder, however, Buffy. As a MIL, myself, do I treat my SILs better than my daughters? Hmmmm. Sis, Wichi Dude, Bogie? (I don't really expect answers. Just pondering.)

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