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July 18, 2003



I don't really care for spiders, but I can deal with them. Snakes are verbotten! My mother lives with us, and we moved into this home 14 years ago. The first few years, we had several long snakes who wanted to reside in the gardens. We have a brick sidewalk, and they liked cozying up to it for heat. My mother is more afraid of snakes than I am, and we wanted to avoid her meeting one of them at all costs. I can remember standing out of my mother's sight, pantomiming to my husband (who was on the mower), that he needed to get the rake NOW to remove a snake.

I think the last snake I saw here was the one I mowed over. Honest....I didn't do it intentionally. I came back on the next pass, and saw pieces of snake everywhere. I haven't mowed a lot since....


I like both spiders and snakes, maybe because everyone else seems to hate them, but I won't tolerate one interfearing in my daily life. I would definatly have to get rid of any spider who liked to spy on me when I was in the shower.


I like 'em both (spiders and snakes). The spiders in my house are like pets (for the same public service reason), I've even named them occasionally. But I too have rules about interference. When they start to interfere with me too much, they are politely escorted to the flower beds.

Cop Car

I like having spiders around (especially cute ones like garden spiders--and they spin such gorgeous webs); but, I don't really want to share my abode with them. I awaken to a lot of bug bites that I attribute to spiders (I find a spider under me on the sheet when I get up in the middle of the night, sometimes) and have suffered no ill effects, so far; but, we have a lot of brown recluses around here, one of which had the audacity to bite Hunky Husband, leaving him an ulcerating sore for which he needed medical intervention for a while. Combine them with the abundant poison ivy, the mosquitos (that we fear may transmit West Nile to us), and the ticks and one would think that nature is trying to get back at us for invading the territory of the little critters. As to snakes....
Here's another "do you remember when" for Bogie. We were in the process of moving into our newly built house on Sunrise when Bogie came up the basement stairs (she would have been 6 years old at the time) triumphantly holding up a "big worm" that she had found in the basement. I saw its possible descendent in the onion patch a few days ago. The poor thing felt hot and dusty to the touch. I don't think it likes the 100-109 degree weather that we've been having the last few days. (Hunky Husband cautioned me to be careful when I went out about an hour ago--that the heat index was 115 degrees.)


Yes, I remember the big "worm" Cop Car. Glad I'm not down there with that type of heat. It's been fairly mild here.


I must admit, I wouldn't tolerate brown recluse spiders. Of course since, as their name suggests, they are reclusive, they are hard to find in order to evict!

lisa kerstetter

i am only afraid of ladybugs they scare the heck out of me if i see one i cant breath and have a panic attack one time while i was in gym class i like almost passed out because i seen a dead ladybug no matter dead or alive i am freaked out when i see one the same thing that happened in gym class happened at feild hockey practice if any one else is freaked out by these he she creatures ewwwwwww plz tell me let me know i am not weird and alone on my ladybug phobia



hi everybody.....im trying find some people who has ladybug phobia. I hope im not the only one with this bloody weird phobia. my mail is [email protected]


im terrified of them too! yey im so glad im not alone!!!!


I always thought i was the only one! I hate them, once there was 100+ in my room, the would rattle around in my lights and drop from the ceiling and AHHHH every since then i hate them but my mom laughs at me because of it!


I'm terrified of ladybugs, too. In the summer, when I was little, they would swarm in my room and on my walls. They didn't scare me much then, but in recent years I have been too terrified to even go near them. If one lands on me I nearly have a panic attack. I'm not scared of any other kind of insect, or normal things like heights or snakes. I didn't even think there was a phobia for ladybugs, let alone others who had the same fear.

Glad I'm not alone! :)


Oh my gosh---that's how i got to this site was i googled phobia of ladybugs! I'm not the only weirdo who's afraid of the most harmless bug on earth!!

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