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March 06, 2003



Yes, but isn't the long distance the dogs have to run exhausting? I mean, hundreds of miles...


So is a marathon, climbing Mount Everest, competing in a tri-athelon, competing in the eco-challenge and mushing in a sled-dog race (where the musher gets much less rest than the team does). The people that compete in these types of contests think it is fun.

If you have ever seen the dogs jump and cavort about when they are hitched up, or even at the end of the race - yes, they jump and cavort about at the end of the race - then you would see how much they enjoy it.


If you ever have a chance to go to a dogsledding race, you will see that these dogs couldn't get happier. They are jumping up and down with giant smiles on their faces and when your sled holders let go, they run. If they didnt like it, then they would stop dead. We do it because they LOVE to do it.

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