July 13, 2014

Good Eats

I found that I have black raspberries growning in the front hedge. They are small and seedy, but delicious!

Black Raspberries

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June 14, 2014

Rhodys in Bloom

When I got home from my bike trip, the rhodys out front were in full bloom - just gorgeous!


Last Sunday I got invited to ride with a bunch of other people that I didn't know. 20 bikes rode around the Big Lake. Okay, I only went for about 1/2 the ride because I needed to get home and do some chores, but still had a good time with this bunch of NH Riders.

Group Ride around big lake

Finished tearing out the rest of the rock wool in the living room, plugging the holes at the top of the plywood and installing real insulation during the evenings of last week. Next project - bedroom

Living room front wall

And that is pretty much the news for the last week. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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May 26, 2014


Yesteday I tore down the sheetrock from the living room wall in preperation for plugging up the gaps in the plywood and putting in real insulation. Then mowed the lawn (or the swamp in the case of about 1/4 of it). By the time I was done, I took a few moments to rest on the lawn furniture, enjoy the view from the south side of the house, and listen to the birds.

View from side 1
View from side 1
View from side 1

That empty lot fills in nicely and you can hardly tell I'm not in the country anymore.Very relaxing.

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May 17, 2014

Rindge Bike Blessing

After all my hard work on the house on Saturday, I deserved a break and decided to take up an invitation to attend a bike blessing in Rindge - the last blessing I had attended was 1997 (I found the shirt the other day, that is why I know the year).

We met in Antrim, rode to Milford for breakfast, then headed back to Rindge. My bike is the second on back, and the one in front of it is the bike of my riding companion (guy with his back to the camera).

Bike at Blessing
Bike at Blessing

It was great weather for riding, but after the blessing I decided I better head back home and get some work done, while my riding companion rode to MA to place flowers on his mother's grave for Mother's Day.

I got my raised beds turned and pulled weeds from around the outside perimeters. Then recovered them with black plastic to help kill weed seeds. I'll be planting Memorial Day Weekend, assuming the weather cooperates anyway.

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May 03, 2014

Old Arrivals

A couple of weekends ago, STBX and Jimmy delivered one of the old sheds from my previous house. I didn't think they could get it on the trailer (heck, didn't think it would fit), nor did I think it would make the trip. However, STBX proved me wrong; it fit nicely on the snowmobile trailer (which tips, making it easier to load and unload), and it survived. So now, I am the proud owner of a very used shed. Oh, and he left me the prybar that is proped against the shed in the second picture.


Later that day, STBX also delivered the patio furniture (one of my BD presents from 2004 - and he got the deck furniture). So now I just need to put some spar urathane on it to protect it from the weather.

Outdoor Furniture

last weekend I moved the snowblower,garden tools and mower to the shed. The garage is heaving a sigh of releif as it was stuffed to the gills!

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March 23, 2014

Slowest Ever Sheetrock Job

Last weekend I showed a picture of one piece of sheetrock I had finally gotten placed in the stairway.

Sunday I got the second piece cut and screwed into the studs. I taped and mudded at night thru the week and after the final sanding yesterday morning got one coat of paint on it.

Sairway Sheetrocked

Will do the second coat of paint today and then maybe work on painting the stairs themselves to get rid of the aweful green. By the way, a piece of cream paint flaked off the exterior of the house. Guess what color of paint was underneath? Yep GREEN. Geeze, these people had a terrible fetish for that color!

Oh, and the grow light stand in the room at the bottom of the stairs - those were brought over by STBXWS last weekend and yesterday I started pepper seeds. In a couple of weeks I will start tomatoes. Because I don't have enough to do - LOL.

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October 27, 2013

Garden Cleanup

Last weekend I started cleaning up the garden: taking up the walkways, taking up the weed blocking fabric and brought my one lone, still green pumpkin inside to ripen.

Today, WS came over to clean up the leaves and he mentioned I still had peppers on the plants. So I went out and picked all the peppers - amazing that they were still good considering we have had plenty of 25 degree mornings. There were also two plants that were thriving in the cooler temps, and I decided to dig them up and overwinter them in pots, to be replanted next spring wherever I end up living. Being in the vegetable garden, they would be rototilled under if I left them in the ground.

  Saved Herbs (800x600)

The one on the right is a cooking thyme, the other is of the mint family. It used to have a marker, but it got lost so I'm unsure exactly what it is (although I can assure you it isn't the classic mint).

Hopefully they will thrive thru the winter, but if not, I haven't lost anything - I have gotten my $4 worth of herbs off of them over the summer.

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August 24, 2013

Steak Pizzaiola

Grabbed steak out of the freezer last night and thawed it in the fridge overnight. early this afternoon, I placed the thawed steaks in a marinade of worcestershire sauce, teriaki sauce and Dale's steak seasoning.

I fired up the grill tonight to cook the steaks, and saw the tomatoes and peppers I had brought in from the garden. "I should use some of those" I thought to myself. So, while the steaks were on the grill, I cut up some tomatoes and hot peppers. Mixed in a bit of salt, pepper, oregana and spaghetti seasoning. Added in a tinge of Italian salad dressing and olive oil.

Threw the vegetable mixture in a hot skillet and then suddenly realized I neede to add garlic. Unfortunately, I didn't have any, so added garlic powder instead (and that was probably 10 years old). No matter, I let everything bubble for a couple of minutes and then turned off the burner.

Once the steaks were done, I put some of the sauce on a slab of meat (which turned out to be a nice medium rare - yeah me) and then topped the whole thing with parmesan cheese.

Steak Pizzaiola-sm
It was so fabulous that I had two steaks. That leaves two for dinners later in the week.

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Poor Gardening Year

This year there will be no canning of salsa, or freezing of spaghetti sauce. The tomatoes have produced very poorly this year, barely eeking out enough for my Greek salads for lunch. I do exaggerate though, here are my surplus tomatos after making my salad - this is two weeks worth of surplus - a pretty sad showing ofr the amount of plants I have..

Tomato Crop
I guess Christmas is officially cancelled, or at least the traditional giving of salsa. I must admit that I wasn't sure when I was going to find time to do the canning - but I would have made the time if I had gotten a better crop.

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June 02, 2013

Just in Time

Planted tomatoes (36 plants) early this afternoon while that area was still shaded. decided it was too hot and sunny to continue, so came inside to get indoor chores done.

WS left for a ride to cool off (he has worked very hard this weekend rototilling and week wacking). I noticed that it got shady out, the back door, and looking from the deck saw some high white clouds. Good - shade so started planting the 36 pepper plants. Looked out over the roof of the house and decided I better be double-timing it; there were very black clouds on the way.

I got the peppers as well as 3 basil plants and some other herbs planted before the storm hit. Also had time to pull the potted plants off the porch so they wouldn't be drowned by the rain rushing off the roof. WS got home from his ride just before the storm hit.

Then the storm got here and I had to run around and close all the windows and doors (which I had opened about 10 minutes before to catch the cooling breeze). It was so dark one would have thought it was 9 PM instead of 5:15 in the afternoon.

Rain at 520 PM
I used the camera flash, and the plant is only about 4 feet from the back door (which was open). I actually had to lighten the picture in order to see the tree in the picture.

In 10 minutes we got 1/4" of rain then the wind and rain calmed somewhat. the plants in the garden aren't looking real happy, but at least they got watered. Another round of storms are on their way - but we aren't getting anything like what has hammered Oklahoma and other midwestern states, for which we are greatful!

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