December 17, 2005

Cold Apartments

Cop Car's blast from the past reminds me of the apartment I lived in on Topeka street, in Kansas. There was no insulation and heat in only one room, from a radiator. Since the landlord paid utilities, he would come in all the time to make sure the heat wasn't cranked up to warm the rest of the apartment. During the winter I would pull my mattress into the living room and live there until the weather warmed up.

I was probably fortunate as I was working two full-time jobs, so was only at the apartment 5-6 hours a day. Not only did that mean I didn't get tired of only having the use of one room (although my apartment did have a bathroom- the only one with it's own facilities, everyone else had to use the communal bathroom down the hall), but I missed the murders in the backyard (and all the other things going on). After the murders, I did have to wait a couple hours before I was allowed into my apartment though, as the cops were still investigating and looking around.

The cops had helicopters there spotlighting for criminals at least 1 night a week. The night I moved out of the apartment, I was leaning into the car, placing another box in there, when a helicopter came around and the spotlight focused on my car. Apparently they weren't looking for someone that looked like me, since when I backed out of the car, they took a quick look at me, then moved on.

No, it wasn't in a very nice part of town.

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