December 13, 2014

Perking up the Livingroom for the Season

Just to brighten things up a bit, I put up a few Christmas decorations. Of course I put up the trusty tree that I bought when I worked in Hollis. Last year it was in the entertainment center so this is its first year in the bay window.


On top of the entertainment center I placed the snow globe that Cop Car and HH presented to me last year (sorry for the crappy picture, the lighting wasn't good and the flash just made the globe a giant white spot).


Where the tree was last year, I placed decorative leaves, a spice basket (pinecones, cinnamon sachet and real cinnamon sticks), and Mr. Snowman.


In the enclosed space of the entertainment center are winter figures of wolves.


And a shot of the entertainment center that brings it together.

TV cabinet

I need to figure a way to get rid of all those wires that crap up the background!

That is my nod to the Holiday and winter season.

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November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Snow

I started today with snowblowing the driveway. I had snow blowed last night, but that was just the first 5-6", so I had to get the rest of the 13" total taken care of along with the berm the town plows left at the end of the driveway.

After getting the driveway cleared, I took time to look at the trees and how magical they look

Left Driveway Trees
Left Driveway Trees
Left Driveway Trees
Left Driveway Trees

These trees are just across the fence

Trees at ditch

This tree is across the street from me, and usually doesn't look like much, but with the snowy covering lit up by sunlight makes it just explode with beautifull

Tree across street

I went to my boss's house for an early Thanksgiving dinner and she had created a lovely spread

Turkey at Jens2
Turkey at Jens2

On the way home, I was enchanted with the trees to either side of the road

Snowy Fir Trees
Snowy Fir Trees
Snowy Fir Trees

Stop and smell the roses during the spring and summer, Enjoy the colors of fall, and take the time to be enchanted with the beauty that fresh snow brings to the otherwise barren landscape during winter!

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Thanksgiving 2014

For Thanksgiving NH recieved a snowfall that turned the landscape beautiful. The first measurable snowfall for fall of 2014 measured 13" here in Hillboro. I am so very thankful that we didn't get the massive snowfall that Buffalo recieved last week!

Trees in back
Trees in back
Trees in back

Along with being blessed with the beautiful scenery, I am thnakful for family (both by blood and in-laws), internet friends and furry friends, that I have a job, that I have a place to live and can afford to keep myself warm and fed, and that I am healthy and able to take care of myself. Addtionally, I am thankful for those men and women who defend our country.

I hope everyone finds time today to realize what they have.

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November 11, 2014

Thank You Veterans

Thanks to all who have served, all those currently serving and those who have signed up to serve. And a special Thank You to the families who had relatives who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice!

Veterans DAy

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July 04, 2014

Birthday Wishes for the USA

Flag-HB Damerica

Honor on independance day

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Happy 4th of July

Please have a safe and wonderful 4th of July.


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June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Wishing my Father, Cop Car's HH, a very happy Father's Day. Hope you get to do some golfing, reading, relaxing, or whatever you want to do today!

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May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day. Take a moment out from whatever you are doing today and please remember those that have fallen in defense of our country. And thank a vet if you see one!

Memorial day wall pic
Memorial day wall pic

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May 11, 2014

Happy MD

Hapy Mother's Day to Cop Car - a better mother I could not wish for!

Happy Mother's Day to FN (Fantastic Niece) and Rachie too, You go Girls!

And Happy Mother's Day to all my blog friends (or their wives, GF's, significant others) - even those that whose only children are of the furred or featherd kind - Hope you have a great day.

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January 11, 2014

Christmas 2013 Catchup

I got to go back to Kansas for Christmas; it had been two years since the last time I was there, so I was really glad to get the chance to go back and see everyone! My flights into ICT went well. Of course when you book one of the first flights of the day from Manchester, there is very little that can disrupt the timing. I walked lots of laps at Chicago Midway airport between terminals A and B as I had a several hour layover. Besides that, the only excitement was a medical emergency on my flight between Chicago and ICT. It wasn't a huge deal but the flight attendant did ask if there was a doctor, nurse or paramedic on board. Once we were on the ground, we waited to disboard until paramedics had transported the woman off and hustled her to a medical facility. Never did find out what was going on, but it didn't seem to be a critical emergency.

Cop Car and her HH graciously housed me during my stay, and what hosts they were! we had great conversation, bird watching at the house, watched deer bounding thru their back ard. And of course there was food - plenty of food. And Cop Car outdid herself with the nut rools, almond horseshoes, fudge, date pudding and other treats. I literally gained 5 pounds while I was there! I also broke my no wheat eating plan, but the issues that crop up from that were well worth it!

Christmas day I went to Wichi Dude and Dudette's place and had a great time watching the kids open presents. Fantastic Niece's kids were quite entrhalled with the whole experience and were a joy to watch. I also got to meet FN's SO for the first time in person. We had texted each other and spoken on the phone a coupole of times, but I was glad to finally meet her in person. Cop Car's Elder Brother drove over from Colorado and spent a couple of days there too - I was happy to see and talk to him as that is a rare treat.

Saturday I met up with WS's family. We had a great time and I was glad to see them again, even if WS and I are no longer together. Some of the family had even come up from Oklahoma for the gathering. 

All too soon, the time came to leave. The flights home weren't nearly so smooth as the ones to ICT. The flight from Midway to Manchester was boarded on time but then we waited an hour for other planes to land to gather another 35 passengers. It was snowing lightly, so the planes had to be de-iced before takeoff. We were 19th in line, and it takes 10-20 minutes for de-icing. By the time we made it to 2nd in line, we had to go back to the gate to get gas!!!! The flight was supposed to land in Manchester around 12:30 AM. Instead we landed shortly before 5 AM.

I got home around 6 AM to cats who were extrememly happy to see me (Prince stayed at WS's house, so he wasn't there). Tory had apparently given WS the cold shoulder, so he spent a good amount of time crying his woes to me and telling me not to leave him again! Then it was off to an appointment at 8 AM. I finally laid down for a nap about noon and felt much refreshed afterwards.

It was a great Christmas. I was so thankful for all the people that made sure I had a good time and good company. Being the first Christmas in 28 years without WS in my life, being around family was just the thing I needed!

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