April 17, 2005

I am the Website

You are snopes.com You like to prove people wrong. Your friends rely on you for the truth, but you're not perfect. You once made a rocket car.
Which Website are You?

Thanks to Jay for pointing the way.

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November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving Quiz

You Are the Stuffing
You're complicated and complex, yet all your pieces fit together. People miss you if you're gone - but they're not sure why.

What Part of Thanksgiving Are You?

Thanks to Drumwaster for the link.

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December 02, 2003

Findage Fun

Who knew that I was a huge fountain of knowledge? Apparently these people at least thought so!

Bogieblog is #5 in the search for sturgis body painting. Don't remember writing about WS painting any bodies while he was there. Hmm, maybe this is something I need to look into!

Then there is the person that stumbled in here as the #4 result for how to yard work. How to yard work - is that in English? Did I miss something and "yard work" is now a composite verb?

As I move down the list of referrals, I move up the list to #2 for survey+hotdogs. How exactly, does one survey hot dogs? Last time I knew, they didn't speak much.

Apparently someone wants to know when MS Office 2003 Beta expire[s]. Reading your agreement with Microsoft would probably give you more reliable information! After delving further, it seems that someone added "new key" to the search later (or earlier, however you want to look at it). Seems maybe someone was trying to cheat.

Another poor soul was looking for a weird fact about the year 2003. Who just looks for one ("a") weird fact?

Then there is the person after my own heart (and who showed me that I could be proud that I was the #2 return) for JD Blackfoot Toilet - as in I Flushed You From the Toilet of my Heart.

And I will end this post with the proudest moment of my life (not really, but close): Bogieblog is the #1 return for nature girl!

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November 10, 2003


Once again it is time to see what people found (or didn't find) in their web searches

Bogieblog has become the #1 return for the search for Bogie

Somehow, I am also #1 for fire california 2003 october (one would think that maybe a newspaper or even Citizen Smash would be at the top of the list).

Bogieblog is the #2 return for "household discoveries and mrs. curtis's cook book"

Even though I'm #11 for the return on poway fire pictures, I have the feeling that a lot of people are disappointed when they show up here (That is probably the search that I get the most hits from at this point).

How I became the #2 return for Facts Curator, I'm sure that I will never know (that is the #2 hit generator amongst searches right now)!

At least I know that I've helped guide people to better places for information when they google for white knight spaceship one

And here's the best one even though I am only #2 - for it takes 43 muscles to make a frown

There are more, but I grow bored (as you probably do as well), so will leave others for another day.

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October 28, 2003


I haven't done a post on people finding this blog via search reasults (i.e. Google-type searches) for quite some time (the bad old Blogger days). The main reason has been that since moving to TypePad, it seems it took search engines a while to catch back up to where my blog was.

The last couple of weeks, the search hits have increased. So, for your entertainment, I will mention a few of them:

Evidently, Bogieblog is the 13th return for the search find someones parole officer

Sadly enough, I am the #1 return (besides a paid placement) for jockey julie crone. This makes me rather sad since I just put that post up 2 days ago!

I am way down the list (on page 8) for the search for "corneal transplant" patients letters

At #7, the searcher for Pictures of Riots at UNH was probably very dissappointed not to find pictures (and you wouldn't believe how many people are looking for those pictures!)

And as the #28 result for mph speed of pronghorn and cheetah, I might have been some help.

Bogieblog also had several hits for things such as; UNH "Red Sox" riots, Funny Cide (and other spellings of the name), Breeders Cup, what baseball team did dion sanders play on (I have no clue), cheetah's speed, firebike, cat lover's quiz, as well as all the rest of the usual suspects that I have reported on before.

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June 29, 2003

Isn't That Interesting?

I am the one and only place that returns results for 10 ways of saying someones flie is open!

After seeing Fred's post on his poor dog Buster, I found that I was the 14th result when searching for lab/samoyed mix, which pointed to my post about Sampson leaving for the big fire hydrant in the sky. Tears in my eyes, twice in one morning, are not the way to start things!

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June 18, 2003


Since I put up the post about Orange County Choppers, and their "firebike" being in Laconia last week, I have gotten a lot of hits on the subject. There have been various ways of searching, but here is a common one: orange county choppers fdny. Notice that I am the #1 return out of an admittedly short fiels. Guess some people need to refine their searches a little better to get to the site that they are looking for

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June 13, 2003

Not Much to Say

I will start out with people that have been visiting this blog by way of results of search engines:

Bogieblog is high on the list of returns, at #8, for "eating kittens" video. (Yes Ravenwood, you already told me they taste like chicken - HA).

I'm the second return for Enetations website; only behind the actual website itself.

Someone found me as the #6 return for "john hammer" observatory, which is interesting because if there is such a place with a website, Bogieblog was a higher return.

Another interesting return was burned "cd through the mail". Interesting because the only CD's I have ever burned were for backups for my computer files (and no, I'm not mailing them to anyone.

Then there was the search for large breed human years. I didn't know that the years were different for large breed humans vs. small breed humans!

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May 31, 2003


I'm the #1 return for Indy Airconditioners - interesting!

Only #3 for Assholes Garage (need to work on getting that higher!)


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May 21, 2003

Something I Could Help With

As the #5 return for the search string black fly control, I was able to tell dash a Canadian's that control of the nasty buggers is possible.

I wasn't quite so helpful with the search for dogs put paw in bowl, although I did mention training Sampson to soak his paw in a bowl of epsom salt water after his toe had been amputated.

That was pretty much my helpfullness to others, with different searches other than ones I have mentioned in the past, in the last 3 days or so.

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