May 14, 2017

For my Mother

Wow, now this is a short landing!

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December 22, 2013

The Secret to Happiness


 First - I blame my folks for my pragmatic outlook on life, instead of being a happy-all-the-time freak - LOL

6 months, seems to be pretty accurate judging from all the happenings of this year - I can see the light at the end of the tunnel 6 months after the crappy string of events started happenings. Sure, I have down times, but I am definitely in a much better place and can see it getting better every day.

Work - yes, that was one of my big saviours by keeping me busy; my job gives me a sense of responsibility, purpose and an outlet for exercising my skills. Even the work on my house keeps me engaged, busy, learning (or re-learning) skills and contributes greatly to my happiness.

Thanks to Scott for posting this!

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January 11, 2013

Inequality Under the Law

If you or I did what this reporter did, we would be in jail, or at least arrested - even if we were ignorant of the law (ignorance being no excuse). However, a reporter, who was explicitly told it was against the law to posess this item, is not being prosecuted because "it wouldn't serve the public interest". Apparently it served the public interest in prosecuting those that were just passing thru and doing their best to follow information they were given by the police.

No I don't think either of them should be prosecuted, only because I don't believe the law should exist. But it is evident (under the information that I have) that one was not prosecuted because he is "important" and in the public eye, the other was prosecuted because he wasn't (as were 100+ other people).

The least that can be done is that everyone be treated the same.

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November 18, 2012

The Demise of Twinkies

I've heard a lot lately about the demise of the Twinkie. That seems to be the only part of the story I hear on the news though - that the iconic twinkie will be no more with the demise of Hostess. However, I don't believe enough attention has been placed on one of the reasons why Hostess is going under - the union will not accede to cuts in pay. Let's get this out of the way right now - I am only going by what I have heard (precious little, so I may be missing a thing or two here), but if given a choice, I prefer to get a percentage of my pay as to no pay at all. In fact, I worked for a company that reduced pay by 10% (and cut benefits) so it could keep more workers - I was all for that.

The Weekend Pundit has a nice opinion piece up that highlights some personal experience with unions. When we first moved to NH, WS was working for a unionized company. He too found it insane that he couldn't change out a burned out lightbulb on a machine's indicating button (it's not so hard - even I could do it without endangering myself, the machine or the product). Also, having family in the airplane business (on WS's side of the family) who were union members - we found it interesting that they would vote to raise their pay by umpteen % (or strike if that didn't happen), then they were amazed when the company built a plant in Mexico to reduce costs - eventually closing the plant they worked in. Hmm, don't know why they didn't see that coming.

These people also thought that it was a shame that the starting pay for a cafeteria line cook was only $24/hr. This was for someone coming in straight off the streets with no experience or schooling. This was years ago, and the union members thought that the cooks weren't making a living wage. This is not in an area where prices of homes or goods are high. Heck, with my education and experieence in my field, I would have been happy to get that amount of pay then (in fact, that would be good pay for me now!) And they were shocked when the "greedy" company decided to make its airplanes somewhere else.

It just amazes me at how out of touch with the real world at least some union members are. And now, a whole bunch of people will be out of work, with an economy that is adding jobs at a dismal rate. I just don't get the thinking that went on there.

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August 31, 2012

Wrong Way News

Apparently someone had too much to drink while they were creating this headline:

Neil Young Mistake

Didn't last on the site too long.

H/T Gregg

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August 10, 2012

Of Space Ports and the Space Tourism Industry

The Weekend Pundit features a Bill Whittle video about the economic realities of XCOR (the space flight company) moving from California to Texas. Although I have a few quibbles (I don't believe that the US is the most bankrupt country in the world, for example), there is a lot of truth there.

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Gopher Tunnel Tragedy

For you guys out there in gopher country - BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

Link via Scott

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April 22, 2012

Tornado Hits in Kansas

You would think that with all the relatives that I have that are in the general vicinity of Boeing, that I would get word that Boeing and it's off-shoot Spirit got a bit of excitement from the recent tornado activity in Kansas. But no, I have to get the word from someone else.

I would post pics, but I'm not sure I'm allowed, so let's just say that from what I see, it was a good thing that Boeing and McConnel aFB sent some of it's planes to Grand Forks, North Dakota before the weather hit (that was all over the news a couple of days ago and I can't fine any mention on on Google for a link - what is up with that?). Okay, finally found mention of it, then another, on of all places, McConnells website.

In the pictures I see a 3 ton water tanker truck flipped on its side, as is a railroad car (a box car, not a flat-bed). Building siding, bay doors and roofs have been peeled up and, in some cases, torn completely off of buildings. The corner of one build looks pretty mangled, as do portions of other buildings. One picture was pretty strange and I can't really tell what it is unless it is the ferris wheel from an entertainment park a couple miles away (at first I thought it might be part of a turbine, but I don't think so).

This news report says that Spirit took a direct hit (it has a couple of pictures. Spirit has put some pictures out on Flickr. Boeing and McConnell Air Force Base also got hit (so it's a good thing they moved planes), but I can't find any pictures (not surprisingly).

I'll have to forgive my relatives for not mentioning this though, CC and HH are doing double or triple duty for the Red Cross right now, and I'm sure Wichi Dude and Dudette are helping out in some manner too (as well as working at their regular jobs).

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April 21, 2012

Beating Tickets

It seems there is a theme about people beating traffic tickets going around.

First, the Weekend Pundit put up a piece about a radar technician beating a speeding ticket. I dont' know if the piece is true as it seems odd that he would be able to notice the radar registering speeds of vehicles while he, himself was stopped and having a discussion with the officer. I have never been stopped and then been able to place myself in such a position as to be able to read the read out of the radar gun. However, I don't see that well anyway, so maybe I just haven't noticed it being possible.

Then there is a piece in the news about a physicist who beat a ticket for failure to stop. I looked at his paper tried to look at his paper (link on the original, but IE 8 has decided not to show me the last 3 links I have clicked on. Maybe someone smarter than me (Stu, Cop Car) can take a look and see if it looks reasonable.

Are there any other recent entreis for ticket busting that I've missed?

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March 04, 2012

Blowing Things up

This is how I originally thought that they were going to dismantle the Memorial Bridge:

 I don't know if it was because the Memorial Bridge is over a major shipping lane or what, but obviously they used more beniegn technics.

The bridge shown in the video is the old Fort Steuben Bridge, spanning the Ohio River on the West Virginia/Ohio border (according to the news story the video was taken from)


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